Caribbean Hotels You Can Move To

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It’s always so hard to leave a great hotel in the Caribbean. And then there’s that little whisper at the end of your stay — “what if I added another day?” “What if I stayed the whole weekend?” Or perhaps it’s “we should come here every December.” For some, though, there’s another call — to stay forever. And at an increasing number of top hotels in the Caribbean, it’s possible. At these hotels, there are residences adjacent to or within the hotels themselves, often offering all the same amenities but with larger spaces — and you can often either buy them and live there or buy them and put them into a rental pool when you’re elsewhere. So yes — you can buy a unit or villa at some of your favorite properties. These are Caribbean hotels you can move to.

casa de campo

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Perhaps the Dominican Republic’s signature resort, this massive property in La Romana boasts a wide portfolio of villas, from smaller homes to mansions, and everything in between. The only question is your budget. And if you’re a golfer looking to move to the Caribbean, you’ve found your destination.

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