The 21 Best Dive Resorts in the Caribbean

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We have long said that “you don’t need a dive resort to go diving in the Caribbean.” But it sure helps. A great dive resort is not the same for everyone; some want luxury; some want function; some want value. Some people are looking for adventure and some are looking for relaxation, while some demand a beach. And then there are those that just want it all. You’ll know you made the right choice as the dive boat leaves the hotel dock and you look back to see the perfect combination of dive specificity, hotel amenities and resort features. These are the best dive resorts in the Caribbean. 

little cayman

Little Cayman Beach Resort

The Caribbean’s most complete dive resort — a place for serious divers who want to explore one of the world’s top dive sites, a bucket-list diving destination — the island of Little Cayman. And while it’s for serious divers, it’s also a very nice place that would be just as comfortable for someone who didn’t ever leave the beach (a terrific stretch of sand in its own right). Right now, this is the best dive resort in the Caribbean.

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