The Four Seasons Nevis Has Launched Its Own Line of Cigars

The Four Seasons Nevis is really rolling.

Nevis’ top resort is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and doing so with a creative new launch.

The property has unveiled its own branded cigar line called Four Seasons Resort Nevis Cigars.

Handmade by the torcedores of Miami’s Havana Classic, the cigars are produced in partnership with On-site Cigars Entertainment.

Guests can choose between three sizes: robusto, toro and torpedo, with each stogie handcrafted down to the three-ring design at the tip and wrapped with a Four Seasons Resort Nevis band.

“Our 25th anniversary is a monumental milestone for us and we wanted to create something special for our guests when visiting us,” said General Manager Ed Gannon. “Guests can enjoy our breathtaking sunsets while savouring one of our fine Cuban-style cigars on our outdoor patio after dinner. They could even order a box to celebrate a wedding, anniversary or just add to a magical vacation experience.”

The cigars contain a blend of seco and ligero long filler leaves from the Dominican Republic, viso leaves from Nicaragua, an Ecuadorian binder and finish and a Connecticut shade wrapper.

“These aren’t just cigars, it’s an upscale lifestyle that we’re offering,” said Rene Diaz, owner of On-Site Cigars Entertainment. “We’re recognized by connoisseurs for bringing a unique richness to the cigar experience. Collaborating with Havana Classic Cigar ensures that these cigars meet the top-quality standards in order to carry the Four Seasons name.”


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