The Best Beach Bar in St Martin


St Martin has a surfeit of great beaches: Orient Bay, the bustling beach, Nettle Bay, the lounging one, Grand Case, the delicious one … it goes on and on. But for sheer beauty, you can’t beat Pinel Island, the tiny islet off the coast of the “mainland.”

And there are two beach bars on Pinel Island off the coast of Saint Martin.

But one is better — it’s called Karibuni, and it’s a wonderful meeting point between the hip beach hangouts of Europe and the laid-back vibes of the Caribbean.


While the bar itself is sensational, it also features a beach shack with fresh-made pineapple and coconut cocktails — served directly in pineapples and coconuts.


This is the best beach bar on Pinel Island, and it’s the best beach bar in St Martin, too.

Karibuni is also home to a namesake boutique hotel on the other side of the bay (that provides a shuttle for guests all day to Pinel).

And here’s what it’s like to be there.