12 People Who are Making the Caribbean a Greener Place

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Who is a green person in the Caribbean? It’s someone who is doing his or her part to help the environment — from conservation to renewable energy. And for Earth Day 2015, we decided to put together a list of the Caribbean’s 12 “greenest people,” those who are helping to make a big difference in protecting the region’s greatest — and most important resource: its environment. These are the people making the Caribbean a greener place right now. Who do you think is making the biggest contribution? Tell us in the comments section.


Richard Branson

No, he’s not from the Caribbean, but perhaps no one has made a bigger impact in this area in recent years than Branson, in large part for convening last year’s Caribbean Conservation Summit on Necker Island, launching perhaps the most ambitious marine conservation effort the region has ever seen — and a major regional drive on the use of renewable fuels.

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