Haitian Leaders Reach Agreement Aimed at Averting Political Crisis


Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti’s political leaders have reached a tentative agreement aimed at averting a political crisis in the country.

It comes after the nomination of Evans Paul as the country’s new Prime Minister, and seeks to pave the way for Evans’ approval in the role.

Evans was named following the resignation of former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

In a statement, the special representative of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Haiti and the members of the “Core Group” said they welcomed the move, urging “all Haitian political actors to continue to work in a concerted manner towards the implementation of all required measures in line with the agreed upon timetable.”

“The Core Group encourages Haitian leaders to swiftly implement the Accord, especially provisions related to the adoption of the electoral law,” it said. “Acknowledging the right of Haitians to peacefully assemble and freely express their views, the Core Group underlines the pivotal role of elections as a democratic mechanism for the selection of leaders and national priorities for the reconstruction of Haiti.”