Rum Journal: A Taste of Abaka Bay, Haiti


Above: Abaka Bay in Haiti

IT’S ONE of the secret paradises of the Caribbean: the island of Ile a Vache, Haiti.

And the island’s leading boutique resort, Abaka Bay, has been kind enough to share a taste with us, offering the recipe for one ifs signature rum cocktails.

You might call it a Taste of Abaka Bay.

Here’s the recipe:

4 oz of Rhum (preferably Barbancourt)
1/2 oz of Lime Juice
2 spoons of sugar
1/2 oz of Cream of Cocoa
1/2 oz of Anisette
3 spoons of Grenadine syrup
Served over crushed ice.

Abaka Bay Special Cocktail


— CJ


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