Rum Journal: Is This the Coolest Beach Bar in St Kitts?


Above: SALT Plage in St Kitts (All photos by CJ)

It’s only opened earlier this year, but SALT Plage, the new beach bar at St Kitts’ Christophe Harbour development, just might be the coolest beach bar on the island.


Whether you agree or not, it certainly sets a new standard for Caribbean beach bar design.

The bar gets its name from the former function of the site.


Indeed, in its original life, the area was a salt processing plant.

Today, the bar’s walls include the old warehouse’s foundations, and the old machinery can be found all around the bar.


The bar is marked by its sleek, modern design right on the water, including slips for easy sail-up, rum-filled afternoons.

The bar says it’s inspired by the Mediterranean, but Salt exudes West Indian energy — it’s an ultra-sleek place with an old-time feel right on St Kitts’ Whitehouse Bay.

— CJ


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