Island Bites: Finding Montego Bay’s Secret Lobster Spot


Above: the Lobster Trapp in Hopewell (All photos by CJ)

IT’S THE KIND of place where you have to order before you get there.

Not because it’s hard to get a table. It’s that they won’t even put a table out unless they know you’re coming.

This is Montego Bay, Jamaica’s hidden seafood restaurant, a tiny outpost in the village of Hopewell called the Lobster Trapp.

The unwritten menu is simple: fish, chicken, lobster or shrimp. A salad. A baked potato. (We’d recommend the lobster rather forcefully).

The setting is simple, the views of the nearby Round Hill resort breathtaking. There is no sound, just the lap of the waves and the periodic flight taking off from Sangster International Airport.

Order your choice earlier in the day, then head through Hopewell, down a hill, past a tiny local bar and into the kitchen of Gem Wright, who’s been operating the place for 12 years now.

“Twelve lovely years,” she says.

It’s easy to believe.

— CJ


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