VIDEO: A New Caribbean Rum Ad That’s About More Than Rum


Jamaica’s Appleton Rum recently launched a new advertising campaign — one that could mark a shift for the way Caribbean rums are marketed.

It’s a departure from the typical pirate — and party-themed rum ads — it is a story that focuses on the pride and love that go into every Appleton bottle.

The campaign includes both a short video, “From Jamaica with Love” and a long video, “From Cane to Cup.”

The premise of this campaign goes beyond the trend that has taken pop culture by storm – the obsession with the farm to table process – and focuses on the process from cane to cup in a beautiful, almost poetic way.

The videos blend breathtaking scenes of all that goes into Appleton rum, from the people to the music, from the land to the sunshine to the water to the endless cane fields.

They were filmed in Jamaica’s Nassau Valley on the Appleton Estate on Jamaica’s south coast.

As the voiceover states — if you could take Jamaica and distill it into a single spirit, it would be Appleton Estate Aged Rum – their “own precious and dear… 100 percent Jamaican.”

This marks the first work by the distillery’s new ad agency, Argonaut.

See the full ad below:

— CJ


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