New Dominica Ambassador to CARICOM



By the Caribbean Journal staff

Felix Gregoire presented his credentials this week as Dominica’s new Ambassador to CARICOM.

Gregoire said Dominica was “aware of the importance of the regional integration movement,” at a time when there was what he called an “overwhelming desire to make the organization more effective and efficient.”

CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque said he hoped Gregoire would be at the forefront of efforts to advance the regional movement. He also said he welcomed steps taken by Dominica toward making the Caribbean Court of Justice its final court of appeal.

“We will be looking to you as change driver to continue as the voice, advocate, enabler and mobilizer for the community change process at the country level as well as to be engaged in the process within the Secretariat and the Community Organs,” LaRocque said.

In his remarks, Gregoire said the future for CARICOM “looks bright.”

“Caribbean people are interested in the Free Movement of people, goods and services as outlined in the Caribbean Single Market and Economy,” Gregoire said. “In Dominica, the movement of Finance was identified as a priority item during the consultations, and many people echoed the need for equality and justice as pillars of Caribbean Integration.”



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