Caribbean Plate: A Sushi Recipe From Nevis’ Montpelier Plantation


The Montpelier Plantation & Beach hotel in Nevis offers one of the finest dining experiences on the island.

It’s led by Chef Benjamin Voisin, a native of Le Mans, France who moved to Nevis in November 2011 and whose culinary travels have taken him to Colorado and Spain.

What’s wonderful about Nevis is the sheer diversity of cuisines — and that’s nowhere more true than at Montpelier, where you’ll find a delightful blend of French, Caribbean and international flavours.

Voisin was kind enough to share his inspired recipe for a smoked salmon roll for CJ readers:

Smoked Salmon Roll (Amuse Bouche)

Recipe for four people


5 slices smoked salmon
80g mascarpone
10g capers
10g red pepper
50g dill
50g water
5g sesame seed
1 gelatin leave
1 sheet rice paper
black pepper

Dill & Sesame Jelly
Boil water and dill.
Blend and add the gelatin (first soak in water) until dissolved.
Add the sesame seed
Set in small individual plate in the fridge

Mascarpone Mix
Soften the mascarpone with a rubber spatula
Add the chopped capers, red pepper, salt and black pepper

Rice Paper Crisp
Cut the rice paper in a triangle and deep fry until crispy (30 seconds)

How to prepare the roll
Using cling film, wrap like a sushi mate, place the slice of smoked salmon on the cling film one by one.
Add the mascarpone mix in the middle
Roll like a sushi with the help of the clim film wrap
Keep in the refrigerator for two hours.
Take the cling film off and cut 2cm width
Place on top of the jelly
Serve with a crisp.

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