Rum Journal: Sailing the British Virgin Islands, Pusser’s Style


Above: Scrub Island

RUM PUNCH is the Caribbean’s signature drink. It may find different names on different islands; it may sometimes be garnished with nutmeg; other times it may receive a drop of bitters.

But it’s almost always a reddish-orange, always sweet, and one glass is never enough.

The latest edition of Rum Journal brings you to the beautiful British Virgin Islands, for a taste of the territory’s famous Pusser’s Rum, the “Original Navy Rum.”

The brainchild of Charles Tobias, who brought the long-storied brand back to life more than three decades ago, Pusser’s is one of the region’s most potent blends — and very much at home inside of a punch.

So spice up your weekend with a true Rum Punch, courtesy of Pusser’s:


2 oz Pusser’s Rum
Equal parts guava, orange and pineapple juice
1/2 lime
Grenadine (to taste)


Mix, finish with nutmeg on top (and some fresh fruit) and pour everything over the rocks.

— CJ

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