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Monaco’s Prince Albert II Visits Haiti to Inaugurate School

Above: Prince Albert II and Haiti President Michel Martelly (Photo: OP Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Monaco’s Prince Albert II visited Port-au-Prince Friday for a one-day trip.

The Prince came to Haiti to inaugurate the Prince Albert II of Monaco Nursery and Elementary School, which is funded by the “Monaco Collectif Haiti,” according to a statement from the Prince’s Palace.

His visit Friday also included meetings with Dr Jean-William Pape, director of the GHESKIO CENTRE, an HIV/AIDS research organization, and Dr Alain Merieux.

The Prince additionally participated in working meetings with UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti Michaelle Jean and Chantal Moreno, representing the International Francophone Organization, along with making a visit to the UN’s peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Haiti President Michel Martelly hosted the monarch for what was described by the National Palace as a “working meeting.”

Albert has led the principality on the Cote D’Azur since 2005.

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