Puerto Rico First Lady to Open for Ann Romney at Republican Convention


Above: Puerto Rico First Lady Luce Vela (left) (Photo: OG)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Puerto Rico First Lady Luce Vela, the wife of Governor Luis Fortuño, will be introducing Ann Romney, the wife of US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney at the Republican Convention in Tampa Tuesday.

Vela will be speaking at 10PM, ahead of Ann Romney’s speech at the convention.

Fortuño was a strong supporter of Romney during the Republican primary season, and was joined by Romney in Puerto Rico on the day of that territory’s primary.

Fortuño had been mentioned as a potential candidate to be Romney’s Vice Presidential nominee. That role went to Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

Vela and Fortuño have already departed from Puerto Rico for Tampa. They will return on Thursday.

Puerto Rico Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock will be serving as acting governor in Fortuño’s absence.


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