Panama, Puerto Rico Talk Trade


Above: Panama President Ricardo Martinelli (centre) during the visit

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Panama offers several competitive advantages for Puerto Rico, and the two parties must strengthen bilateral trade ties, Panama President Ricardo Martinelli said during a trip to Puerto Rico Thursday.

The talks touched on potential new investment in sectors such as goods and services, logistics, infrastructure and construction, among others.

Martinelli, who was visiting the island to participate in a business convention held by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, said Panama’s strengthened economy has led to greater trade liberalization and a general increase in alliances with new trade partners.

Martinelli also met with Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño during the visit, who reiterated his interest in attracting new investment from Puerto Rico to Panama in order to help the economic improvement of both countries.

The Panamanian president also met with former Puerto Rico Governor Sila Maria Calderon, who was the first female governor of Puerto Rico.

Martinelli is being joined on the trip by Trade Minister Ricardo Quijano, Panama’s Ambassador to the United States, Mario Jaramillo and Susane de Obarrio, Panama’s consul in Puerto Rico.


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