Panama’s Martinelli Hosts Former Uruguay President Tabaré Vazquez


Above: Tabaré Vásquez and Ricardo Martinelli

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Former Uruguay President Tabaré Vázquez paid a visit Tuesday to President Ricardo Martinelli.

Vazquez, who is in Panama to participate as a keynote speaker at a forum on Regional Exchange Solutions, was invited by the Foreign Ministry.

Vazquez told Martinelli about the “Plan Ceibal,” which was developed in Uruguay, and provides free computers to students.

Martinelli, who was joined by Acting Foreign Minister Francisco Alvarez de Soto, spoke about Panama’s current education programme involving free internet and new computers.

The two sides also discussed the benefits of increased trade and economic relations between Panama and Uruguay, along with Panama’s interest in support for cooperation in the education sector.

Also present at the meeting were Uruguayan Ambassador Francisco Purificatti, Plan Ceibal Director Miguel Brechner, head of the Consular Section, Gimena Hernandez and Eduardo Bandeira, Vázquez’s former secretary.


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