Panama President Ricardo Martinelli, Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño Meet


Above: the Panamanian and Puerto Rican delegations (Photo: OP)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Panama President Ricardo Martinelli and Foreign Minister Roberto Henriquez received Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño for talks Wednesday about future investment and trade.

Martinelli said Panama was an excellent opportunity for companies in Puerto Rico to promote their businesses in Central America.

They were also joined by Jimmy Pamadimitriu, Panama’s Minister for the Presidency.

Fortuño, who campaigned with US Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney during the Republican primary on Sunday, said Puerto Rican businesses had made “significant” investments in Panama, and that the country’s economy would continue to attract them.

The Governor has been mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate in the United States.

Fortuño said Puerto Rico recognized the efforts Panama had made to implement policies aimed at improving its investment climate.

Fortuño was one of the guests at the opening ceremony of the EXPOCOMER conference, which began Wednesday in Panama City.

The conference is a gathering of commercial missions from Africa, America, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe.


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