In Panama, a Secret Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort

Discovering a lost waterfall. Watching sunrise on a volcano. Ziplining through the rainforest. White water rafting. An exploration of artisanal coffee-making. 

They’re not the sort of inclusions you typically find at a Caribbean all-inclusive resort. 

But this isn’t your typical all-inclusive resort. 

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort
A tour of the Don Pepe coffee estate.

This is Los Establos, the tucked-away all-inclusive boutique resort at the edge of the Caribbean in Panama, a hotel that is quietly redefining the all-inclusive experience. 

Los Establos, the sister resort to Antigua’s renowned Hammock Cove resort, has 17 rooms in a 60-acre setting anchored by an artisanal coffee plantation and in view of Panama’s towering Baru volcano. 

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort

Coffee is at the heart of this place, which was built more than a century ago by the founder of Panama’s Kotowa Coffee. 

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort

But it’s just the beginning of the culinary adventure here, where you can savor local Panamanian gastronomy by Executive Chef Nestor Nunez. 

The rooms are charming, with authentic Panamaian design and magnificent vistas of the hills and the farm. 

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort
Inside a room.

The resort itself is the height of serenity, quiet and rarefied, the sort of place that rewards those who make the journey. 

The nearby mountain town of Boquete just begs to be explored, where a world of eateries abound and the streets are filled with a vibrant culture and a dynamic arts movement.

All-Inclusive Caribbean Panama Resort
Room with a view.

And then there is the party piece: the unrivaled menu of adventures and tours to choose from. 

You can take a complimentary tour excursion every day of your trip, with a total of 13 different tours available for booking: a tour of the Don Pepe Estate; a zipping through a century-old forest; rafting through Class IV rapids on the Chriqui Viejo River; bathing in the healing Caldera Hot Springs; or walking rope bridges in the Talamanca mountains, among others. 

You can visit the waters of the Caldera Hot Springs.

This is a place for adventurers, for active travelers; the hotel has even classified each excursion according to its difficulty rating. 

This isn’t like any all-inclusive resort you’ve been to. 

And that’s precisely the point. 

For more, visit Los Establos Boutique Resort

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