Bonaire Is Surpassing Its Pre-Pandemic Tourism Numbers 

caribbean islands bonaireThe Bellafonte Bonaire resort in Bonaire.

Bonaire’s sizzling 2022 tourism performance has not slowed down. 

The island continues to see stay over arrival numbers surpass its pre-pandemic totals, according to a new report from Tourism Corporation Bonaire. 

The island reported 39,687 visitors in the last three months, a 10 percent improvement over the same period in 2019, before the onset of the pandemic. 

Visitors from The Netherlands accounted for 51 percent of all arrivals, followed by the United States at 23 percent. 

“It is good to see that the efforts made in the past years for the benefit of our vision, the strategic tourism master plan and the ‘Tourism Recovery Plan’ are now being translated into several steps in the right direction,” said Hennyson Thielman, Bonaire’s Commissioner of Economic Development and Tourism. “If this development continues like this, it will translate into better well-being for the people of Bonaire, our ultimate goal.”

Bonaire’s visitors tend to be between 46 and 65, with the average stay by Americans at 7 nights per visit — and 14 nights for Dutch visitors, according to Miles Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. 

Hotel occupancy on the island was 66 percent in the third quarter, meeting the island’s pre-pandemic numbers. 

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