Junkanoo Is Back in The Bahamas 

the bahamas' junkanoo celebrations are back for the holidays

After two years off amid the pandemic, The Bahamas’ greatest art form is making its triumphant return for the holiday season. 

Junkanoo, The Bahamas’ national cultural festival, returns for its largest celebration in the heart of downtown Nassau on Boxing Day, Dec. 26 and Jan. 2, 2023. 

It’s one of the signature events of the year in Nassau, as the sights and sounds of Junkanoo fill Bay Street and the rest of the capital. 

Junkanoo dates back centuries; while scholars are undecided about the origin of the festival, theories range from its establishment by legendary West African Prince John Canoe to a three-day holiday for enslaved people in The Bahamas in the 1700s. 

“The holidays are a particularly wonderful time to visit The Bahamas, and this December is extra special as it marks the return of The Bahamas’ famous Junkanoo celebrations,” The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism said in a statement. 

The festival represents the “rich heritage of the African diaspora and is a colorful tradition that speaks to the strength and resilience of the Bahamian people” The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism said. 

Junkanoo festivities are also held concomitantly across the country, from Grand Bahama to Bimini, Eleuthera to Abaco, Long Island to Cat Island, Inagua, San Salvador and Andros. 

This winter’s Junkanoo comeback follows a successful return of the country’s Junkanoo Summer Festival. 

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