Bonaire Adds New Options for Visitor Tax 

plaza bonaireThe Plaza Beach and Dive Resort in Bonaire.

Over the summer, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire put in a new “visitor tax,” aiming to replace its existing room and rental car taxes. 

The $75 tax is due before entering Bonaire, either digitally or at the passport line at the airport. 

And now Bonaire is looking to make paying the tax easier. 

Officials just announced that visitors now can pay the tax via a system called iDEAL and through PayPal. 

Bonaire is also making Apple Pay available “soon.”

Bonaire tourism officials are encouraging visitors to pay the entry tax in advance online; those who do so get a special QR code and access to a “Happy Lane” for expedited entry to the island. 

The tax applies to all visitors 13 and up entering Bonaire. For those 12 and under, the tax is $10 per visit to the island. 

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