It Just Got Much Easier to Visit Bermuda

bermuda visit The Cambridge Beaches resort in Bermuda.

After having some of the strictest travel protocols in the hemisphere for much of the pandemic, Bermuda has removed all of its travel protocols. 

Effective Nov. 14, Bermuda no longer requires its travel authorization process, its $40 fee or proof of vaccination or medical insurance. 

“Our Government has delivered on our pledge to protect the health and safety of our residents and visitors and now with the earlier end date for the [travel authorization], travel to Bermuda will be simpler for our visitors,” said Bermuda Tourism Minister Vance Campbell. 

In other words, Bermuda no longer requires any testing or proof of vaccination in order to visit the island. 

Instead, travelers simply have to fill out their Bermuda Arrival Card, a digital form that was actually in place before the onset of the pandemic. 

A beach in Bermuda.

The Card captures visitor data in a simple form that can be filled out in just a few minutes. 

“Bermuda’s tourism industry fully supports the decision to eliminate the travel authorization and bring the island’s public health emergency orders to an end,” said Tracy Berkeley, interim chief executive officer of the Bermuda Tourism Authority. “We are especially appreciative of our partners in the Ministry of Health for the collaborative approach to solving our shared challenges. This is exciting news that will help to restore a frictionless travel experience for our visitors.”

The move brings Bermuda in line with just about every other island destination in the broader region, where testing and vaccination requirements have largely fallen out of use. 

“Bermuda’s hoteliers are thrilled with the decision to end the travel authorization three weeks early. This move comes at a crucial time before the US Thanksgiving travel period,” said Stephen Todd, Chief Executive Officer at the Bermuda Hotel Association. “This is a time when we anticipate welcoming visitors looking to take advantage of the current Fall into Winter promotions. It should also support demand in time for the return of three additional direct flights from Miami, JFK, and Toronto.”

For more on how to enter Bermuda, visit the Bermuda Arrival Card

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