How St Kitts Is Urging Visitors to “Venture Deeper”  

st kitts visitors deeper

It starts with the bold green of Mount Liamuiga, the vibrant rainforests, those golden beaches. 

And it’s a call for travelers looking for, well, something a little deeper. 

St Kitts has officially revealed its tourism rebrand, with a new focus, a new identity, and a push for visitors to “Venture Deeper.”

It’s St Kitts’ first new campaign in five years, as the island looks to “get visible again after the trauma of the last couples of years,” St Kitts Tourism Authority CEO Tommy Thompson tells Caribbean Journal. 

“It’s part of St Kitts you haven’t seen before,” Thompson says of the new brand identity, which takes much of its inspiration from the “natural beauty of St Kitts.”

“Right away, you’re blown away by the beauty of the destination,” Thompson says of the rebrand’s kick-off video. “The topography, the mountains, the green of the forests, the beaches, so anywhere you go on the island you’re looking at a mountain or the water or both. We feel that this ad actually draws you in.”

Of course, the island is far more than just its breathing looks, and the new brand will focus on a number of pillars: culinary, heritage, sustainability. 

“These are going to help St Kitts stand out,” he says. 

The rebrand comes after St Kitts just removed all of its travel restrictions for visitors, which has led to a new surge in travel to the island, he said. 

“[St Kitts] has only been in the tourism business for 20 years or so,” Thompson says. 

“That’s a lot less than our other competitors we’re up against. This is a great opportunity for St Kitts to punch above its weight and for people to see the unique qualities that we have.”

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