Richard Branson’s New Caribbean Mangrove Project 

biminiMnagroves in Bimini.

Sir Richard Branson is launching a new “Sea Change Fund” in the Caribbean, in a bid to support mangrove forest restoration projects in the Caribbean. 

The project is being undertaken by Virgin Unite, the independent foundation of Branson’s Virgin Group, in partnership with the Virgin Voyages cruise line. 

The announcement for the project was made this week in Bimini, where Branson was meeting with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in The Bahamas. 

Bimini is one of the ports of call for Virgin Voyages, home to the line’s Beach Club at Bimini. 

The Bimini archipelago is also home to some of the most remarkable mangrove forests in the wider region. 

Mangroves support coastal resilience against natural disasters, and additionally play a vital role in mitigating climate change impacts on the region’s ecosystem.

“Working with Virgin Unite, we believe this is a start of an exciting program of work that will create an epic sea change in mangrove conservation across the region and act as a blueprint for other parts of the world,” says Jill Stoneberg, Virgin Voyages’ Senior Director of Sustainability and Social Impact.

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