Cayman Islands Waives Pre-Testing for Visitors

ritz cayman visitorsThe Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

The Cayman Islands has waived testing for visitors. 

“Pre-arrival Covid-19 testing is no longer required to enter the Cayman Islands,” the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism announced in a statement. 

In a major change to the destination’s travel protocols, the British Overseas Territory has repealed all pre-arrival testing for visitors, though entry restrictions still remain for many unvaccinated visitors.

“Traveling already requires many details and removing the pre-arrival testing requirement is truly a step toward normality,” said Sabrina Turner, the Cayman Islands’ Minister for Health and Wellness, in a statement. 

The changes officially take effect June 30, 2022. 

The Palm Heights hotel in Grand Cayman.

Children age 11 and younger take on the vaccination status of their parents, meaning fully vaccinated visitors can travel with children 11 and under. 

Fully vaccinated means people who have had a “full course of vaccination,” either two shots of a two-dose vaccine or one shot of a single-dose vaccine.

seven mile beach with chair
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman.

It should be noted that there are still restrictions on visits by unvaccinated visitors 12 and up, however. 

Only unvaccinated visitors who have a “close tie” with the Cayman Islands, meaning that they own business or property in Cayman or have a close family tie, can visit. 

Additionally, unvaccinated visitors will be required to quarantine for seven days. They will not, however, have to test at the end of the quarantine period. 

Turner also announced that mask wearing would now be “discretionary,” while certain places like healthcare facilities will still require people to wear a mask. 

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