Visiting the Dutch Caribbean Island of Statia Just Got Easier

statiaThe new Golden Rock resort in Statia.

The Dutch Caribbean island of St Eustatius, better known as Statia, has updated its entry rules for travelers. 

The biggest change is that the island no longer requires tests for travelers who are fully vaccinated with boosters.

For most other vaccinated travelers, a PCR test within 48 hours or an antigen test within 24 hours is required. 

Notably, the island is also now open to unvaccinated travelers, who similarly have to show a negative PCR within 48 hours or a negative antigen within 24 hours. 

statia resort new

Children under 10 years old do not have to test to travel to Statia. 

Statia still requires an antigen test for all travelers on the fifth day of their trip. 

The island has been seeing strong tourism growth in 2022, driven by the arrival of its first-ever luxury hotel, the Golden Rock Resort. 

More and more travelers have also been drawn to the island since the discovery that American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton actually spent quite a bit of his childhood in Statia — leading some to dub it “Hamilton’s Forgotten Caribbean Island.” 

You can find the full listing of Statia’s rules below.

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