A New “Hamilton” Experience in Nevis

nevis hamiltonThe Hamilton House in Nevis.

The Four Seasons Nevis has unveiled a new version of its popular Alexander Hamilton package. 

In time for Hamilton’s recent 267th birthday, the Hamilton program includes everything from a private rum pairing dinner to an exclusive Hamilton-style portrait painting session. 

It also includes a historical tour of Hamilton’s Nevis, featuring a guided tour of Hamilton’s original home in Charlestown. 

“Nevis might be a little unknown island at the edge of the Caribbean, but it’s filled with so much history,” says Yvette Thomas-Henry, Regional Vice President and General Manager. “Not much has changed with Charlestown since those times, so you can really feel the legacy of what once was when Hamilton was living on the island.”

Guests stay in a suite inspired by Hamilton, the recently-redesigned Hamilton one-bedroom suite. 

It’s part of a broader celebration of Hamilton for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, which is including Nevis-inspired programs at hotels around the United States. 

For more, visit the Four Seasons Nevis