Bonaire Just Updated Its Entry Requirements for Travelers

bonaire tourism sizzlingThe Harbour Village luxury resort in Bonaire.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire has announced changes to its entry requirements for travelers, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The new rules, which take effect Dec. 22, mean travelers need to show proof of a negative PCR test result taken and received within 48 hours before departure to Bonaire. 

The rule applies to all travelers 12 years of age and up. 

Upon arrival, all travelers will receive a free self-test, which they must use at their hotel or villa on their day of arrival. 

If a traveler tests positive, they must go into isolation and report at the Department of Health for a PCR test. 

Additionally, after five days on the island, all travelers 12 years of age and up need to take a PCR test. 

bonaire reqiurements
The Delfins Beach Resort in Bonaire.

Bonaire is also requiring all unvaccinated travelers from countries like the US and the Netherlands (so-called high-risk and very high risk countries) to undergo a mandatory five-day self-quarantine after arrival — that can be done at a hotel or villa. 

After five days, they must take a PCR test and get a negative result to leave quarantine. 

The changes impact travelers from countries like the United States and the Netherlands, Bonaire’s two biggest source markets. 

They come as the global tourism industry responds to the uncertainty over the “Omicron” variant of Covid-19.

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— CJ