In The Bahamas, the Ultimate Gourmet Hotel

caribbean hotels boutique luxuryThe main pool at Graycliff.

On its broad list of spirits (that’s in addition to what is the world’s third-largest wine cellar), one can find a bottle of Alfred Lamb’s rum that was bottled in 1934. 

It’s not the sort of thing you typically find on a hotel menu anywhere in the world. 

That’s because Nassau’s Graycliff is not your ordinary hotel; it’s completely unique; a boutique hotel that’s also home to The Bahamas’ leading restaurant; a cigar factory; a chocolatier; a winery; and a Neapolitan pizzeria, among other things. 

Graycliff is home to the third largest wine cellar in the world, set in what was once a pirate’s dungeon.

Set above historic downtown Nassau, it’s equal parts hotel and retreat; a place that in a past life hosted British royals, and now makes you feel like you’re staying in their home. 

Luxury isn’t what it used to be; the indulgent luxury of yore is, too often, being replaced by at best, simulacra; or at worst, hospitality experiences that mistake hip design for a more holistic experience. 

At the truly great hotels, they understand that the food and beverage experience is not just an amenity; it is the essence of the luxury experience. 

And that’s exactly what the Garzaroli family’s Graycliff is all about: it’s a gourmet hotel for gourmands, a beacon for the bon vivant. 

You start your dinner with a champagne cocktail in the hotel’s famous lounge, then feast on exquisitely sourced French-Bahamian cuisine, married with a bottle or two from a Melville-thick wine list. 

Ask anyone who’s spent an evening here. Graycliff’s signature lounge is one of the great rooms in all of the Caribbean.

Afterwards, you can choose from a robust rum list or from its world-leading cognac collection; and pair it with a Chateau Gran Cru cigar that was just rolled by a Cuban torcedor steps away in the lobby. 

Of course, that’s just the beginning of the experience; there’s the aforementioned chocolate factory, serving up delectable cacao creations; the perfect pizza, Naples style; or a Malbec from the country’s only winery, just across the street in the hotel’s Historic Village. 

Pizza from Giotto.

That’s along with one of the great pools you’ll find anywhere in the world, a magnificently painted pool that comes with what becomes your own private bar for the afternoon. 

They’re all here, they’re all the kinds of things you’ll never find together in one place, at luxury resorts big or small, in Europe or the Caribbean, all set in a centuries-old former pirate mansion. 

But Graycliff isn’t just a glorious trip back in time; it’s timeless, it’s a reminder of the things that matter most, the things that beckon us to leave our homes and travel; the joy of the perfect bite; of the endless finish of a decades-old port; of service that makes you feel grand. 

Or, well, a rum from 1934. 

For more, visit Graycliff

— CJ


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