Why This Is the Best Family Resort in Anguilla

anguilla family resortA penthouse unit at Tranquility Beach.

Anguilla is an island that’s all about the experience. 

It’s an island for getting out to the beaches; about exploring; about savoring the gastronomic wonders. 

And that means when you’re looking for a resort, particularly for a family, you want one that emphasizes that sense of discovery — while also understanding the luxuries that matter most.

That’s where the island’s newest resort comes in. 

It’s called Tranquility Beach, a residential resort set on the heart of Meads Bay Beach. 

anguilla family resort

And unlike most of its competitors, it’s residential — meaning you get the best of both worlds: luxury and comfort, with sparkling full kitchens perfect for utilizing the best of the island’s sourcing and produce. 

It’s something more and more travelers are looking for right now amid the age of the pandemic, where you can get out and explore — but also stay in and cook if you want to. 

And for families, well, that’s everything — because the most important thing you want when you’re traveling with kids is this: space.

anguilla family resort
Travelers are looking to stay longer in the Caribbean, especially in Anguilla. That means a sparkling kitchen like this is essential.

And while you get all the space you need, it’s in an intimate, boutique resort style, with a mix of just 15 units ranging from one to three bedrooms. 

We stayed in the latter, which came with an expansive private outdoor balcony with its own outdoor hot tub. 

The room layouts were spacious, with room for a family of two adults and three little ones; that’s along with an in-unit laundry, perfect for the kind of long-term stays Anguilla is made for. 

The service was terrific — copmprehensive without being in your face; but it was the privacy that was remarkable. 

Even on one of Anguilla’s most popular beaches, you feel like you have the whole beach to yourself; there’s no worry about reserving a beach chair first thing in the morning. 

anguilla family resort

It’s eminently family friendly — one that doesn’t just make it enjoyable for your kids, but makes it easier for you. 

We got into a lovely ritual; if we didn’t eat in, we’d easily make our way to great meals at eateries like Ember, Straw Hat; Blanchards; Veya; Sharkys. 

They all welcomed kids, and we didn’t find a bad meal between them — a decided trend on this culinary-focused island. 

anguilla family resort
A bedroom unit.

And Tranquility Beach was both the perfect jumping off point for an island that begs for discovery — and also the perfect place for returning home and doing nothing at all.

Anguilla is just hard enough to get to that it’s wonderfully off the beaten path. 

And for a family with kids, Tranquility Beach is, simply, the perfect place to stay, a luxury resort that understands the most important luxuries of all. 

For more, visit Tranquility Beach

— CJ


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