Nocturne Luxury Villas, Gladstone Partner to Buy St Barth Properties

st barth properties nocturne

Nocturne Luxury Villas partnered with the Gladstone Investment Corporation to acquire St Barth Properties, a leading villa rental company in St Barth.

St Barth Dream Vacations, its sister company, has also been acquired.

It’s part of a growth push for Nocturne, which recently acquired a similar villa company in Colorado.

St Barth Properties, founded in 1989 by Peg Walsh, represents more than 250 properties on the island.

“I have known and admired Peg and Tom for many years,” said Scott Simmons, Nocturne Chief Executive Officer. “They’ve assembled a dynamic team and built a great business, fueled by a passion for the island they love and a dedication to five-star hospitality, as well as exceeding guest and homeowner expectations. We’re thrilled to now be working with them.”

Walsh’s son, Tom Smyth, will become president of St Barth Properties and senior member of the Nocturne executive management team.

“Peg and I are proud of our team and the business they’ve helped us create and we believe that Nocturne is the ideal new home for St. Barth Properties,” Smyth said. “We share their vision and look forward to being part of it.”

For more, visit St Barth Properties.

— CJ