Aztec Airways Is Expanding

bahamas bimini aztec

Fort Lauderdale-based Aztec Airways, which has long been one of the leading small airlines to The Bahamas, is expanding. 

The company is getting a $5 million commitment from a company called MSM AAV that will include the purchase of additional aircraft for the company. 

Aztec will be adding both domestic and international routes while expanding its current fleet, the company said. 

“The investment from MSM AAV, LLC will enable us to continue on our strong growth path by not only adding needed capital and aircraft for expansion but also by bringing with them the business brain-power and experience needed to ensure our continued success,” said Stuart Hanley, Founder and CEO of Aztec Airways.”

Aztec recently announced the launch of a new route to Bimini in The Bahamas. 

“The investment and addition to the fleet have helped this new service, and we believe Aztec will continue to open new routes both here and Florida and throughout the northern Caribbean,” Hanley said. 

The company has also added Matthew Schissler, a member of MSM AAV to its board of directors. 

“The travel industry is rapidly changing as consumers demand more intimate, efficient service than in prior years,” Schissler said. “One needs to only look at the ride-sharing and private vacation rental industry to see a travel paradigm shift, with the benefit of those industries receiving enormous valuations. We believe air transportation will also change its current ‘flight path’ to a more consumer-centric experience. Aztec is wholly positioned to capitalize on this shift.”

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