Curacao’s Coolest Villa Resort Just Expanded

curacao villa resort

Curacao’s design-forward villa resort just expanded again. 

The Bohemi villa resort, set in an eco-preserve near the fishing town of Int Michel in western Curacao, just added another two villas, according to the Curacao Hotel and Tourism Association. 

Each of the new villas has its own private pool, with room for up to eight guests, with interior designs by the “Loods1” firm. 

curacao villa resort

“Improving on the details, these villas are even more luxurious,” the resort said in a statement. 

curacao villa resort
The resort is in a nature preserve.

What hasn’t changed is Bohemi’s property-wide aesthetic, a contemporary, crisp and funky look that has made it one of the most unique places to stay in the Caribbean. 

For more, visit Bohemi

– CJ

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