Caribbean Moment: A Perfect Beach in St Barth


There’s that sound. 

The light crash, the froth on the sand, the oceanic metronome. 

It’s the original sound of the Caribbean, the one that has us coming back again and again, just like the waves. 

And on a perfect afternoon at St Barth’s Shell Beach, the sound is intoxicating.

The latest Caribbean Moment is fresh from one of the Caribbean Journal editorial team’s first trips back to the Caribbean since the onset of the pandemic. 

And even if you’re not traveling now, or not traveling yet, you can watch this and take a trip there for a minute. 

(And if you are planning a trip, St Barth is open and welcoming tourists, too, meaning you can pull right up here, head to Shellona for a ti’ punch and then spend the rest of the day at your villa.)

So sit back, turn up the volume and take a minute-long voyage to French Caribbean bliss. 

— CJ


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