Dominica Launches “Safe in Nature” Program

dominica safe travelsSecret Bay in Dominica.

The Caribbean’s “Nature Island” is launching a new program aimed at ensuring safety for travelers. 

Dominica has launched its new “Safe in Nature” program, which will “ensure a managed experience throughout the first 5-7 days of visitors arriving in Dominica,” according to the Discover Dominica Authority. 

That will include transportation services to and from ports of entry, stays in certified accommodations and managed destination activities. 

“We are excited to announce the Safe in Nature commitment brand,” said Denise Charles, Dominica’s Minister of Tourism. “To those thinking about travel, those thinking about visiting us to experience our rich cultural celebrations and cuisine, those needing a well-deserved break from chaos and crowds, those needing rejuvenation, we extend a warm invitation to Dominica where you, your family and friends will be Safe in Nature.”

Dominica officially reopened for tourism in August, with many of the island’s top hotels, from Secret Bay to the new Kempinski, back open and welcoming guests. 

“Dominica is not only a vacation, but a discovery — and travel to Dominica, especially now, can be transformative and the antidote to relieve the stress that many individuals are current feeling,” said Samantha Letang, marketing executive at the DDA. 

“Dominica affords its visitors with world renowned diving, secluded sites and attractions perfect for distancing, top class hiking, out of the ordinary romantic escapes, an indigenous Kalinago population, healthy and tasty cuisine and so much more. And now we give you all this guaranteeing you will be Safe in Nature,” she said. 

For more, visit Discover Dominica

— CJ

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