American Airlines Adding Costa Rica to Pre-Flight Testing Program

american airlines costa ricaThe Naraya Tented Camp in Costa Rica.

American Airlines is adding Costa Rica to its newly-announced pre-flight testing program, the company said this week. 

The plan will begin on Oct. 15 at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport. 

In the next few weeks, American Airlines will be launching a similar program at Miami International Airport, with Costa Rica joining already-planned destinations including The Bahamas and Jamaica

Customers will be responsible for the testing costs, with three options for pre-flight testing for Costa Rica flights. 

That will include an at-home test observed by a medical professional via virtual visit, with results expected in 48 hours. 

The second option is in-person testing at a CareNow urgent care location. 

The third option is onsite rapid testing administered by CareNow at the airport itself. 

Customers traveling from Miami to Costa Rica will only have the option of at-home tests observed virtually. 

Testing must be completed within 72 hours. 

American relaunched its flights from Dallas Fort Worth and Miami to San Jose in September. 

On Oct.7, American is resuming flights from Miami and Dallas to Liberia. 

— CJ