From Aruba to Jamaica, 9 Beaches With Built-in Social Distancing

aruba jamaica beachesThe beach in Miches on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.
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Social distancing is one of the hardest parts about COVID-19: we all miss our family and friends, and it’s made even worse when you feel like you’ve been trapped in your house for months.

What if, however, you could stay safely apart from other people yet still enjoy the beauty of a Caribbean beach? Any beach in the islands is probably less crowded right now as most people are not traveling, but these nine beaches have a reputation for being quiet even in the busiest of tourism seasons.

These lovely strips of sand also have the advantage of being public beaches and at least reasonably accessible (rather than at the end of a three-mile hike, for example).

Each is perfect for a Caribbean beach outing whether your interest is safety or snuggling up with someone in your bubble in solitude:

Gouverneur Beach, St. Barth

St Barth may be small, but the island is filled with tucked-away beaches. And although Gouverneur Beach is quite well-known, it still attracts relatively few visitors — meaning the social distancing here is always guaranteed. Bring your own food, drinks, and shade and enjoy a day of snorkeling and working on that all-over tan. (Note: all of these destinations are currently open for international tourism, subject to local restrictions and protocols).

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