Rum Journal: Rude Bwoy and the Spirit of the Caribbean

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The newest rum brand to hit the market is “Rude Bwoy,” a collection of rums born out of a deep family connection to the Caribbean.

The brand is the brainchild of Patrick Mitchell and James Larson, who have cultivated both white, gold and flavored rums (along with a vodka, too), celebrating Mitchell’s family’s centuries-long roots in both Jamaica and Cuba.

To learn more, Caribbean Journal talked to Mitchell and Larson about Rude Bwoy and what’s next for the company.

Patrick, can you talk about your family’s connection to the Caribbean?

Our story begins on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, in the West Indies, back in the 1600’s with the Wright family.  The Wrights were living on the south side of the island in the parish of St. Elizabeth in a town named after the family.  At the time, Wright Town stretched from the hills of Spur Tree to the beaches of Treasure Beach and Newell. The Wrights were serial entrepreneurs selling cattle and grew peanuts, onions, melons and scallion and of course sugar. 

Our more recent Jamaican family was livestock famers. My grandfather was a cattleman and sold crops from his property as one of the best salesmen in the area.  It was here that the ideas to start producing rum formed.

The Wrights were humble people who worked the sugar and cattle for their family.  When opportunities for better pay came to Jamaicans by the building of Cuba’s railroads, some of the elder Wrights headed off to Cuba taking the opportunity. 

The Wrights that went to Cuba tried hard to stay in connection with their Jamaican family, however back then communication was very thin. 

Over time, the family spread out, some going to other countries such as England, and Costa Rica and to America.  It wasn’t for over a century later that Cuba’s revolution was the forefront of the world — bringing rum right along with it. 

caribbean rum rude bwoy

What is a “Rude Bwoy?”

Rude Bwoy, sometimes also called “Rudie” is an endearing term for ones bredrin, friend, mate, and also sometimes used to identify a youth or child that is a “cool yute”.  The term was born after the emergence of the Ska Music scene when Reggae music was on its way in Jamaica.

Rude Bwoy has four spirits. What are they?

All our spirits are 100% natural.

Ultra Premium Rude Bwoy Vodka

Ultra Premium Rude Bwoy Irie Gold Rum

Ultra Premium Rude Bwoy Irie White Rum

Ultra Premium Rude Bwoy Coconut Rum 

Where is the rum made? 

Our rum is made at The Point Distillery in the Tampa, FL area 

The coconut rum is particularly unique – what makes it special? 

Our award-winning Ultra Premium Coconut Rum is a real game changer in the marketplace. Unlike most flavored rums on the market, it is made with 100% natural ingredients-nothing artificial. We like to say it’s literally made from the ground up.  At 70 proof, it’s also stronger than most flavored rums in the market place and it’s exceptionally smooth with just the right tropical aromatic finish. 

What’s the best way to drink Rude Bwoy?

We’ve found most people truly enjoy our coconut rum on the rocks with a lime or with just a splash of your favorite mixer. Our mixologist, Bree Draughon, is constantly creating exciting new Rude Bwoy cocktails with our full lineup as we roll out the product across the nation. 

Our very unique sugar cane Vodka has also become very popular with the Bloody Mary crowd with it’s very smooth and exciting twist versus the traditional vodka offerings. 

Rude Bwoy also has apparel for sale. Do you foresee Rude Bwoy being a brand beyond the rum?

With our Caribbean-focused brand, as well as both partners’ background in the surfing, beach volleyball and reggae scenes, our apparel is a unique island inspired lifestyle brand that we intend to leverage along with our spirits. 

Rum as a spirit has come a long way.  What do you see as the future for rum?

We believe the future is very bright for high quality, ultra premium rum offerings.  Consumers are interested in enjoying the content, quality, and the story behind brands. At Rude Bwoy, our story is quite unique and we encourage our customers to “Taste the Experience” which transcends most cost hurdles. Consumers are also gravitating very robustly to the all natural and organic components of high quality rums which also elevates the future of the rum sector. 

For more, visit Rude Bwoy.


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