How Lenny Kravitz Is Helping Bahamians in Need

bahamas lenny kravitz needOne of the recipients of Kravitz's food voucher donations.

Rock legend Lenny Kravitz has donated $100,000 worth of food vouchers to Bahamians in need as part of his Let Love Rule Foundation. 

It’s the latest way Kravitz, who has Bahamian heritage, has deepened his ties with the country. 

The donation began with $50,000 in food vouchers for those in need in New Providence and Grand Bahama, particularly the most vulnerable populations: the elderly, persons from the community of persons with disabilities and persons with chronic, non-communicable illnesses.

The second donation of $50,000 was to be distributed between those in need in New Providence and Kravitz’s “beloved” Eleuthera. 

The move is a significant boost for The Bahamas, where the country’s fight against COVID-19 has meant that certain groups operating food kitchens, for example, could not operate in their usual manner. 

“The Bahamas is proud of Lenny’s many accomplishments, but we are even more proud of the fact that with all that he has accomplished, he has not forgotten his origin; that he still takes time out to champion causes in The Bahamas; that he still takes time out to ensure that our tourism product gets the attention that is necessary to cause our numbers to increase,” said Bahamas Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Frankie Campbell.

Kravitz has been serving as The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s brand ambassador since 2019. 

That work has included some of the destination’s recent high-profile campaigns like “Fly Away” and “From The Bahamas With Love.”

“We had to almost force him to allow us to thank him publicly because he did not want to receive any kind of public accolades, but the Bahamian people needed to know that he is helping in more ways than one,” Campbell said. “On behalf of all of the persons that would have directly benefited from the donation, we wish to applaud his generosity.”

“The Ministry of Tourism was delighted to assist in coordinating the logistics of this exercise which resulted in the Ministry simply handing over the vouchers to the Department of Social Services to carry out their critical work at this time,” the Ministry of Tourism said in a statement. 

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