Caribbean Moment: On Cat Island, Finding a Classic Bahamas Beach

bahamas beach cat islandOld Bight Beach on Cat Island in The Bahamas.

It’s about 150 square miles, but Cat Island in The Bahamas has less than 1,500 people. 

You don’t have to do the math to figure out that the beaches on Cat have built-in social distancing. 

And are there ever beaches. 

Cat Island remains one of the best-kept secrets in a destination that seems to teem with them; it’s a trip back in time, a voyage to another dimension, and a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the wider region. (It’s a bit of a theme across the Out Islands of The Bahamas).

And there is no more beautiful corner of Cat than Old Bight Beach on the southwest corner of the island, where you’ll find nearly five miles of marvelous white sand. 

It’s the kind of beach we could all use right now. And when The Bahamas opens back up, it should be right at the top of your list. 

For now, enjoy a virtual stroll on Old Bight Beach in the latest Caribbean Moment video. 


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