Caribbean Airlines Begins Charter Cargo Service

caribbean airlines cargo

Caribbean Airlines has officially launched its first-ever charter cargo service, with the inaugural flight taking off this weekend. 

The flight was used to move “essential supplies” from Guyana to Cuba, according to the company. 

The aim of the service is to help islands experiencing reduced cargo capacity due to the closure of borders amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Caribbean Airlines said the service is being operated under “strict regulatory procedures.”

“These are very challenging times and we are sensitive to the need for trade and commerce to continue within the region,” said Marklan Moseley, general manager for cargo and new business at Caribbean Airlines. “We continue to support the supply chain within the Caribbean and are offering our charter services which supplement our current weekly scheduled freighter flights.”

Caribbean Airlines is currently running charter services to Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada, Guyana, Saint Lucia, St Vincent, Suriname and other destinations. 

The airline is running the service on B-767 planes. 

— CJ