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Rum Journal: Guadeloupe’s Damoiseau Cuvée Spéciale

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While the bright yellow label of Rhum Bologne is in many ways synonymous with the ti’ punch (at least in Guadeloupe), when it comes to the archipelago’s aged rum, it’s Rhum Damoiseau that has the biggest presence. 

The Le Moule area rum brand has been making rhum agricole since 1942, and it puts out what is easily the best known aged rum from the island (though that is happily changing, as Guadeloupe’s rum producers have made a welcome push to promote their aged offerings abroad, too). 

And while its deades-old millesimes are rightly sought after, Damoiseau continues to produce some terrific aged expressions in all aging categories (of course, it should be said that its white rums are outstanding, too). 

The latest we were lucky to try was a four-year old blend called Damoiseau Cuvée Spéciale — and it was a strong reminder of how wonderful even younger rhum agricoles can be. 

So what’s it like?

Damoiseau Cuvée Spéciale has an aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and dried almond. 

The flavor profile has notes of coffee, cappuccino, honey and some coconut husk, and then the strongest note: the ubiquitous marzipan that can be found in virtually any rum from Guadeloupe, but even moreso in the rums of Damoiseau. 

The finish is smooth and endlessly satisfying. 

It’s a terrific rum, and an example of the universal quality of Damoiseau’s output. 

Rum Journal Review: 

Damoiseau Cuvée Spéciale

91 Points. 

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