How Sandals Resorts Is Helping Its Team Members

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Sandals Resorts all over the Caribbean to provide care packages for its team members as the region works to fight the coronavirus epidemic. 

Like many hotels all over the world, Sandals Resorts International recently announced that it would be closing all its resorts between March 30 and May 15 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, despite the company’s original plan to stay open.

“If we could have we would have remained open to welcome guests and for the benefit of our team members but airline disruptions and airport closures coupled with recent global health warnings have forced us to temporarily close,” the company said in a statement.

In order to soften the economic fallout, Sandals will be paying team members a portion of their salaries during the closure, and will also ensure that all their benefits remain intact. 

The resort group has also created care packages which it is distributing to its team members throughout the Caribbean.

The care packages contain a number of essential food items including rice, sugar, flour, milk, juice, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other items. 

General Manager of Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort and Spa Christopher Elliott said making sure its team members were okay is a priority of the company at this time.

“Our team members are the heart of who we are, and we want to ensure that during this challenging period our resort team members do not go home empty handed. In addition to retaining benefits, fully- paid vacations and a portion of salaries, our resort members are also receiving these care packages,” said Elliott. “We are in this together, and in difficult times families stand together.”

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