The Riviera Maya Has a New Wellness Resort

riviera maya wellness resort

There’s a new wellness resort in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

It’s called  Palmaïa, The House of AïA, and it’s a new kind of holistic retreat in the region.

Founder Alexander Ferri says Palmaia was designed “with the belief that inner exploration and respect for nature and community is key to bringing people together to create meaningful change.”

“There is a growing community of unconventional thinkers and spiritual seekers that gather in small communities around the world to embrace creativity, music and the environment. Together we are creating a new modern collective consciousness,” said Ferri. “Palmaïa was designed to be one of these gathering points, and currently the only natural, forward thinking beach enclave of its kind. A safe place where we can create positive change within the boundaries of modern society.”

The all-suite hotel has a mix of family-friendly, adults-olnly and swim-out suites, along with amenities like four infinity pools, four eateries and a beach club called Eolo.

riviera maya wellness resort
What a swim-out suite looks like.

Notably, Palmaia will even have “Vegan Suites,” with rooms completely free of any animal produts and without products tested on animals — or even any leather or feathered bedding.

In all, there will be 314 suites, a mix of oceanfront and swim-out units.

The culinary program is helmed by executive chef Eugenio Villafaña, who has worked at a number of Michelin-starred eateries; it will focus on plant-based dining, with an alumnus from the world-renowned Noma, Mauricio Alvarez.

The centerpiece of the wellness offering will be something called “Architects of Life,” led by Shaman Balder, who will guide guests through rituals like sound healing, yoga, cacao ceremonies and meditation.

Palmaia will also include a “Rituals of Sound” program, with daily performances by a rotating cast of what the property calls “experimental musicians.”

For more, visit Palmaia.

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