In St Barth, a Heavenly Villa in the Hills


And as you peer out at the green hills, at the sweeping blues and the cliffs beneath, you begin to understand. 

This four-bedroom Anse des Cayes villa is as much a destination as it is villa, a kind of mini-hotel that’s equally wonderful for large groups as it is for couples. 

The latter does make Arc en Ciel a particularly good option for families; it’s a villa where you can be together yet still have your space. 

st barth villa cover
The spectacular pool deck.

That’s because the rooms each have their own corners and wings of the property: two standalone bungalows and a pair of poolfront casitas, all with spectacular bathrooms, wonderful amenities and sparkling views of the sea. 

And then there’s the gourmet kitchen and sunken entertainment room, the perfect place for staying in or bringing in a chef for the evening (something your concierge can arrange). 

The outdoor space is where you’ll spend your days, though, an expansive deck with panoramic views, a heated pool and a jacuzzi, where the water seems to flow right into the sky. 

st barth villa view
The view is, well, it speaks for itself.

The decor is bright, colorful and artful, with a “sun” motif and a pervasive feeling that you’re discovered a special place. 

And that ethereal vibe seems to permeate the whole property, set high in the cliffs, positioned to perfectly harness some of the best views on the whole island. 

And it’s the setting that really stands out, the privacy, the exclusivity. 

st barth villa cottages
There are separate cottages for guests, meaning everyone gets their space.

Looking out at the little cays in the distance, you feel as though you’re on your own little island, your own private enclave in St Barth. 

You hear nothing but the breezes, a wind-filled soundtrack for the sky and the water, a view you can’t look away from and a feeling of tranquility that lingers long after you’ve journeyed home. 

In other words, it’s your own piece of heaven. 

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For more, visit Villa Arc en Ciel by St Barth Properties

— CJ


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