U.S. Flights Could Soon Return to Grand Bahama

grand bahama flights coverThe Viva Wyndham in Grand Bahama, which is slated to reopen next month.

Flights from the United States are set to return to Grand Bahama, according to a statement from the Grand Bahama Island Tourism Board. 

Officials are targeting the middle of this month for the resumption of flights from the United States. 

That would mean the resumption of direct flights from Fort Lauderdale, subject to approval by the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration. 

The airport has already been receiving U.S. passengers who transit to Grand Bahama on Bahamasair and Western Air via Nassau. 

Airport officials are working on repairs to flight safety operations and navigational aids in order to extend the operating hours of the airport beyond clear weather in daylight hours. 

TSA temporary modular units have already been installed; they will be used to house flight operations, ticketing and baggage operations until the new permanent facility comes on stream. 

The return of U.S. flights would be a significant boost for the island, which has already seen a strong recovery for its crucial cruise industry. 

There are also nearly 1,000 rooms available on Grand Bahama. 

— CJ

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