A “Transformational” Rum Project in Grenada

grenada rum project

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The highly-anticipated Renegade Rum project is making progress in Grenada.

Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell visited the site of the project this week, calling it “transformational” for the island.

Renegade is currently developing 150 acres of land for sugarcane production; the company will be harvesting about three acres of sugarcane daily, Mitchell said.

“It is revolutionary in every sense of the word,” Mitchell said. “Coming here and seeing this expansive activity taking place, and the vast potential of the end product in promoting Grenada, I must say I am truly impressed.”

The project, set in Grenada’s eastern parish of St Andrew, is led by Renagade CEO Mark Reynier.

“The extensive capacity of this distillery will facilitate a level of rum production that will impact significantly on our export earnings and economic activity in general,” Mitchell said. “This project is having an enormous impact on the country as it is also contributing to diversification of the local economy.”

The new premium rum brand will add to a robust portfolio of local rums, from Clarke’s Court to Westerhall to the legendary Rivers.

— CJ


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