The Caribbean’s Best Ceviche Is In Grand Cayman

caribbean ceviche

By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

You don’t have to look far in the Caribbean to find ceviche, unsurprising in a region home to some of the best seafood on the planet.

Indeed, the Peruvian dish, which typically consists of fish cured in lime or lemon juice and then a range of other possible ingredients, has spread across the islands in one form of another, from conch salad in The Bahamas to aguachile on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

But while it’s ubiquitous, one Caribbean eatery has taken its ceviche to the next level.

caribbean ceviche


This is Agua, one of the signature eateries at Grand Cayman’s Camana Bay development, a seafood-focused restaurant that serves up the best ceviche we’ve ever encountered in the Caribbean.

The offering is broad: there are six different types of the dish: clasico peruano, with a pepper and cilantro seasoning; “mixto peruano,” with a mix of shripm, octopus and aji amarillo sauce; thai style, with the catch of the day and flavors like coconut and lemongrass; “Cayman stye,” with tomato, orange seasoning, and scotch bonnet ; aguachile, the Mexican-style ceviche with avocado, wild shrimp and jalapeno; and nikkei, with tuna, yuzu, tamarind, soy and cilantro.

You can eat them individually or as a trio (or, for a splurge, do a sampling of all six), taking a seafood journey in the process.

Each expression is authentic and full of flavor, the juices and the spices marrying perfectly with the taste and consistency of ultra-fresh fish.

It’s all delivered with impeccable service in a bright, crisply designed restaurant in the heart of Camana Bay, in plain view of the water.

And if you like ceviche, this is the spot. And it’s the best in the Caribbean right now.

— CJ