The 5 Best St Martin Hotels to Visit Right Now

st martin hotels
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There’s a certain sound to the waves in Grand Case at night, a reminder that you’re in one of the great Creole villages in the Caribbean, that you’re in a culinary wonderland.

There’s a feeling on Orient Bay, when the music hits and the ti’ punch comes at the right moment and the sand teems with energy.

And there’s something about the way the grass seems to dance on the green hills.

And now the sounds and the feelings and the sights are back.

This island has been through a lot in the last year — but St Martin, one of the Caribbean’s most beloved destinations, has made an admirable comeback from the storms of 2017.

That means that, while the comeback is still in process, it’s time for you to make your own comeback to St Martin.

But the landscape has changed — and that’s why we’re here to help, pointing you to the five best hotels to check in to on your next St Martin vacation.

st martin hotels

The new zero-entry pool at the GCBC.

Grand Case Beach Club The most beloved hotel on the French side, the GCBC has returned with 48 rooms (for now), with a spectacular transformation of its rooms and all of the same warm-hearted service and — most importantly — two magnificent beaches. It’s the best all around place to stay in St Martin. Period.

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